Tom Cavill (b. September 20, 1985) is a digital product designer with over 10 years’ experience creating consumer-facing products for mobile and desktop platforms, and the web.

I’m co-founder of Bricklane, a data-driven property investment platform. Built for investors looking to rationally access the residential property market with anywhere from £100 to £100m+; we are backed by Zoopla, Localglobe and the Daily Mail; and have been named as a ‘company to watch’ by the Financial Times.

Before that I worked globally with a range of startups and more established institutions, as well as building my own products. These include Peeps — a selfie video messaging iOS app that introduced a number of now commonplace UI patterns; Helvetitee — one of the first single-serving ecommerce sites that received global press attention for its stark ‘no bullshit’ design; and DSGNJBS — a leading recruitment resource for the design community.

My personal work has been featured in DesignMilk, Shortlist Magazine, Inqmind, DesignTaxi, SiteInspire, the Apple App Store, and elsewhere.

I’m tomcavill on most of the social networks, or cavill if I got in early enough.

I like getting email and chatting [in person], so say hi if you want to talk about design, the built environment, or borzois.